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"Thanks so much for re-hairing my bow recently. It's a huge improvement. I really appreciate your care and attention to detail with the re-hair work, clear communication, and the speedy return of the bow."

Ros Gasson

Isle of Coll, Scotland





"I purchased one of Christian's early violins over a year ago and continue to be blown away by the level of workmanship and attention to detail that has been used throughout to create this stunning instrument. It has a beautifully warm tone with plenty of character and is an absolute pleasure to play. There is even an element of joy in tuning the violin due to the expertly fitted pegs!"  

Alison Washusen

Newcastle, Australia


"I recently came into ownership of a violin played by my great uncle in dance bands in the 1950s, but it was in a rather sad, unplayable state when I got it. I gave it to Christian to see if he could bring it back to life, and I have to say when I got it back I was delighted with the results. Christian's skill and eye for detail is very impressive, as could be seen when he sent me a pictorial history of the rebuild. It now plays wonderfully, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone needing fiddle work carried out."

Martin Stewart





“It was such a pleasure to get to know Christian Mueller’s new violins. Each instrument had distinct personalities but all sang with clarity and resonance.

The two Stradivarius models had a robust voice across the full range and were exceptionally easy to play.

The Amati model was a real joy to meet and was probably my favourite instrument to play, the bow sinks easily into the sound and the tone is engaging and bright. I particularly enjoyed its unique dexterity at quieter dynamics, this would be a fantastic fiddle for solo performance.

Last, but certainly not least, was the colourful Guarneri del Gesu model. I formed an immediate connection with this instrument. Its detailed response encourages a very resonant and expressive sound from the player, encouraging an acute awareness of the connection between bow and string. I could play these violins all day!
Despite all the violins being very young, they possess such character and I can’t wait to hear how they mature and develop. It was a real honour to meet and play these beautiful instruments. “

Roo Geddes
Multi-instrumentalist, composer and teacher from Glasgow, Scotland


"After having suffered what I initially feared might be a fatal breakage (fingerboard had collapsed onto the soundboard with the saddle separating from the nose), I handed my fiddle over to Christian's care, whereupon we discussed the repair options available and desired outcomes. Not only has Christian carried out an excellent and seamless repair on the instrument, he has undertaken expert restoration work to the fingerboard and varnish. My instrument now has its voice back and both looks and plays beautifully. I am truly grateful to Christian for his astonishing level of care and attention to detail, I would highly recommend his services."

Fiona Morton

Deanston, Doune, Scotland


"Christian fitted a new bridge on my fiddle and I am really pleased with the result. It has definitely improved the tone."

Derren Thomson



"I was delighted to try a number of Christian’s violins. They all look beautiful and display incredibly fine craftsmanship. It’s been fascinating watching these instruments evolve from lumps of wood. Christian takes such great care over his work and has a true passion for making these instruments. Not only are they true works of art but they sound amazing too, which is the most important thing for a violin. The one I’ve chosen has a beautiful balanced sound across the instrument and is very responsive and easy to play. His customer service has been excellent.”

Julia Harris
Violinist, Ealing Chamber Music Club, London


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