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Violin & Viola
Initial Consultation & Quote
Fitting New Set of Strings
 (string price not included)
Fitting New Bridge
Fitting New Sound Post
Sound Post Adjustment & Re-Setting
Tailpiece Replacement
 (tailpiece price not included)
Fingerboard Re-Shooting
Top Nut Replacement
Fitting New Pegs (set)
Refitting Old Pegs (per peg)
Peg Hole Bushing + Peg Fitting
 (per peg)
Fitting New End Pin 
(cello end pin price not incl.)
Chin Rest Fitting and Trial 
 (chin rest price not incl.)
Bow Re-Hair incl. Cleaning & Polishing

Where not stated otherwise, good quality material is included. Prices for fittings with special features on request.

Other services:

  • Gluing Open Seams

  • Crack Repair

  • Patching

  • Half-Edging

  • Neck Re-Setting

  • Neck Grafting

  • Varnish Re-Touching

  • Cleaning

  • Complete Instrument Restorations

  • etc.


The amount of work for these repairs depends very much on the individual extent of damage.

If you require any of these services, please make an appointment and bring your instrument to my workshop. After we have discussed the options, you will receive a free quote.

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